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Petlinks Plush Player Squirrel Cat Toy

Petlinks Plush Player Squirrel Cat Toy

Petlinks Plush Player Squirrel Cat Toy

Petlinks System Plush Player Squirrel Refillable Catnip Cat Toy, 2.25" L X 5" W X 7.5" H

  • Soft squirrel
  • Catnip toy
  • Keeps your cat entertained

Open attached tube of Pure Bliss certified organic catnip. Pull open pouch on underside of toy and carefully fill toy with a tablespoon of catnip. Press closure strips firmly to close, ensuring no leaves are attached to strips. Petlinks Pure Bliss certified organic catnip can be purchased separately for additional refills.

Additional Features 
Primary Color Brown
Size Medium
Material Plush
Item Dimensions 
Length 2.25 IN
Height 7.5 IN
Width 5 IN

Catnip toys stimulate your cat and increase the enjoyment of play. The natural oils in catnip trigger a burst of playful energy in most cats, usually followed by a mellow period. Catnip toys attract cats to experience the same stimulating response over and over again.

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