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Ways To Coach Your Family Dog To Stay
by Colbert

If you want your dog safe then probably the most important steps you can take is train him to "Stay". When your pet masters this command you can be assured that you can keep him in a safe spot if there is danger around.

Dog training should come with an objective in order to give efficient training. The object of the training may be for infusing basic obedience and submission or may be for hunt, military, entertainment or for livestock. The dog must be taught and shaped based on the reason to get the top result out of it. Generally, a dog does not have the necessary discipline on them. One needs to train them sequentially to bring them in configuration with your wants. A good fundamental training is necessary where six behavioral patterns are put in their training. The six acts are stay, sitting, recall, heel, close and down. 

Important as it might be, the "Stay" command can be quite difficult for your pet to learn. Why? Due to the fact this command requires that your pet stay put as you maneuver around - this can be difficult because it is in your pet's nature to follow you. However, with persistence and perseverance, you can both master this command.

Before you begin dog training to stay, you have to make sure he has mastered the "Sit" command as it is part one of the "Stay" command. Don't confuse your pet by attempting to teach him a lot of commands at the same time, begin with one, then proceed to the next and then the next and so forth.

Having said that, if your dog has mastered the "Sit" command, here are a few steps to follow along with to be able to train your dog to "Stay"

1. Begin with your pet within the sitting position. Put you track of the palm facing your pet and say "Stay". Make use of a firm and clear voice for the command. Then take a step backwards.

2. Your dog's natural tendency will be to follow you so he'll probably wake up and come to you. You now wish to repeat the "Sit" and "Stay" commands.

3. This is where it may get tricky. Some dogs will "get it" and stay in just a few tries, but others insist on getting up and following you. If yours insists on following, there's a little trick you can try to reinforce the behavior you want. You will need to be near some kind of post or perhaps a tree. Put the dog's collar and a long leash on and wrap the leash around the tree while keeping your hands on the finish. As the dog starts to move towards you, you are able to pull on the leash which will keep him in position.

4. Once you receive your dog to stay after you have taken one step, try taking two steps, then three, then four. You will discover that the further away you get, the less your dog "stays". Here is where persistence and repetition enter into play - just keep trying the command while moving further and even further away.

Dog training to stay can be challenging especially since it is the opposite of your dogs nature of following a Alpha dog - you. Remember, its not necessary hitting a home run during the first work out. Do a little bit each day and you will soon discover that your pet is remaining in place for extended and longer amounts of time.

This article was published on Saturday 27 November, 2010.

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