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Puppy House Training
by Pet Topics

If you're the proud owner of a dog, it has probably happened to you. You see that adorable puppy face and you just know that the tiny little canine looking at you through his crate needs to be a member of your family.

You bring that pup home, and realize that puppy house training will need to be the number one task on your agenda for awhile. Are you ready for the exorbitant amount of time, patience and consistency that you will need to utilize to teach this puppy the proper way to potty? Of course you are!

What Not to Do

There are two schools of thought when it comes to puppy house training: one that works and one that doesn't. Before we discuss the proper methods of house training puppies that are tried and true, let's discuss what doesn't work in this process.

How many of you visualize puppy house training as chasing your pup about the house with a rolled up newspaper and rubbing his nose in his messes to show him the error of his ways? Guess what? This method of house training puppies will not work, and will often damage your relationship with your new dog sometimes permanently.

The reason that punishment does not work in this case is because your dog does not understand it. If you rub his nose in a mess that he made even five minutes ago, the only thing your actions will do is scare and intimidate your dog.

He will not understand that you are unhappy about the fact that he made his mess in the house. He will only know that you are upset and angry with him.

On the other hand, if you can actually catch your pup in the act, you can pick him up with a firm no! and take him outdoors to his appropriate spot. This action is an effective part of your puppy house training, since it is one that your pup will understand.

What to Do

Now that we have discussed what doesn't work in puppy house training, let's talk about what does. Crate training is probably the most effective means of house training puppies.

When your pup is placed in his crate, he is in a safe, secure environment where he cannot do damage. He will also probably not potty in his crate, since dogs are born with an instinct not to go to the bathroom in the same place that they sleep.

This will teach your puppy that when he feels the urge to eliminate, he can hold it until he is in the appropriate place. Just make sure that your little fur ball goes out right before he gets placed in his crate, and as soon as he is released.

Puppies are anxious to please and all they need are clear instructions and plenty of positive reinforcement to know what's expected of them. Happy training.

This article was published on Monday 29 September, 2008.

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