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Shipping Discounts

At Luke's All Natural Pet Food, we extend our FedEX shipping discounts to our customers. 

If you are in the Southeast USA. Check out our shipping prices, I don't think you'll find a better deal anywhere. We earned our FedEx rates, with your help, so you should reap those rewards!

In addition, to passing down our FedEX discounts, we go one step beyond. We add an additional shipping discount to every order, based on the products that are purchased that are not on sale. Since you have to pay a little more to have product shipped to you, we'll make a little less to help offset that cost.

We also charge ZERO handling and packaging fees, except on small items that are under a pound where we ship out USPS.  We use a really nice bubble wrap weatherproof mailer. Which cost us $1 each in bulk.  We get our larger boxes and packing supplies for free, so we pass those savings on.

We also weigh all our products on a certified digitial scale, so you are paying for the exact weight of them items. We don't lower our prices and jack up the weights. We also don't raise our prices and then offer free shipping,  when you do the math and buy 3 large bags of food you'll end up paying an extra $15 or $20 dollars for that free shipping. Don't get fooled by the "Free Shipping" gimmicks. We all know shipping companies don't deliver packages for free and the so called "Free Shipping" is built into the product price.

The prices you see on our website are the prices we charge in our store, we don't drop ship, we have the inventory on hand for immediate shipping, unless otherwise stated in your shopping cart. 

Our store is under "Temperature Control", just like any store you would walk into, all of our products are kept cool.  You're not buying from a hot warehouse, where the product might be unsafe, since it wasn't stored at the appropriate temperature.  

FedEX Trucks are also known to run cooler then other carriers, due to the white colors and AC storage area.