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Giving your Dog Treats
by Joseph Then

Dog treats are a great way to let your dog know that you love them and you appreciate him. Sometimes we forget to show our dogs how much we love them and giving them a great treat is a good way to let them know. The look they will give you when they get their treat and wag their tail will let you know just how much they love you too.

There are all different kinds of treats. You can find all kinds of flavors and kinds of dog treats. There are hard crunchy treats, or you can find chewy gooey treats for your dog. It all depends on what your dog likes to eat and what is better for the health of the dog.

You can find treats in most grocery stores all over. If you prefer, you can go to pet shops and get great dog treats for your dog. There are gourmet and international dog treats that you can purchase for your dog. If your dog has a medical condition and you need to get a certain kind of treat for him or her, then you can ask your vet for some advice on the best dog treats for his or her condition. After all, keeping the dog healthy and happy is what your relationship with your dog is base upon.

Some dogs will even do a little trick to earn a dog treat. If your dog does something good, cute, or even just out of the ordinary, you should reward him with a treat. Doing this will let your dog know that when he or she does something fun or good, they will be get a great tasting dog treat for their reward. You will be surprise at how good they will be a how much more behaved your dog will act if they know they are getting a reward for it.

It is fun to give your pet a dog treat. They will sit up and beg, or they will wag their tail and look at you with that look of love. Giving your dog a good dog treat will make them feel better and you as well. You may want to keep your dogs treats in an airtight container. This will keep your dog treats fresh and secure so that the dog cannot get to them. This will also give your dog a feeling of security; they will know they are rewarded with a great treat after doing good things for their master.

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This article was published on Monday 30 January, 2012.

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