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Flying With Your Dog
by Smith

There are various requirements that a pet owner ought to meet before traveling by air using a dog. Although particular regulations will vary by air travel, most airlines operate with the similar common rules with regards to flying k-9s.

K9s Can't Fly Alone

Every airline that was researched for this write-up carries a rule against flying unaccompanied dogs from 1 point to a different. Realize that k-9s are regarded to be cargo for the flight. You can't deliver your luggage to a city somewhere across the country without having heading with it (only the air travel can do that - insert rim shot right here) and you also can't send your puppy. Unaccompanied k9s should be transported by a licensed and approved pet transportation firm.

Clean Bill of Health 
All airlines require that a canine that could be flying with you receive a total physical examination and be tested for various conditions (most frequently rabies) previous to they'll be allowed to fly. Normally the airline will necessitate that the exam certificate be dated within a a number of amount of time before the date from the flight, so the exam you had your dog undergo two many years ago will not suffice for any flight you intend to take next week.

Weather Similar Restrictions

The cargo hold on an airplane can turn out to become very hot. As a result of this reality you'll find limits on what times inside year k-9s may travel to and from certain cities. Most airlines will also enforce particularly climate and temperature related limitations. For example, when the temperature in the arrival or departure metropolis exceeds 80 or 85 degrees Fahrenheit, house animals won't be permitted about the plane. 
Pets inside Cabin

Many airlines are now permitting the transport of pets inside the cabin with the plane, offered they could fit into the in-cabin kennel cage (22" lengthy by 9" substantial on most airlines). The price for this assistance also varies by airline but is below $100.00 in most circumstances. That is a substantial improvement compared towards the animals transported inside cargo carry which many consider an unsafe practice and which can price tag a lot more than $300.00 in some cases.

Intercontinental Flights

The customs laws of quite a few nations restrict the passage of puppies as well as other pets around their borders. Airlines need to comply with these laws and in numerous instances your canine will not be ready to join you on an international flight at all.

This article was published on Saturday 27 November, 2010.

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