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Feeding Your Dog Nothing But The Best
by Chris Jenson

Obviously their health will be in top form as well as their energy levels so they will be able to perform better to even the way they look. The only thing you will pay a lot more going this route. But no matter what you spend, the way you like to be treated should be the way you treat your animals if not better. When you buy the inexpensive brand you know the saying "you get what you pay for."

Most veterinarians say these inexpensive brands would compare to taking a piece of cardboard, dipping it in gravy and serving it to your most beloved animal. All this does is it fills their stomachs but it does not give them the nutrition most animals need to thrive.

Once your pet gets use to all the high levels of nutrition and all the good calories to go along with it, they will start to eat less than before. You cannot even begin to count all the long as well as short term benefits when you decide to upgrade. The best quality foods and that is including the much abundant and easy to find if you search "home made dog food" recipes, these will provide your animal with a healthier and happier disposition in life. Most dogs tend to be allergic to the lower grade ingredients found in cheap dog food.

Once you switch to the higher quality food , you will notice that your dog now tends to scratch less and they will not shed as much as before. A lot of breeds are prone to yeast developing in their ears but if your dog is healthy they will not be prone to this.

Their bodies will be able to heal a lot faster after having surgery, accident or just a simple procedure. Have you ever tried to teach your dog a trick? Without much luck. Think of it like this, lets say your on a diet of garbage do you think after eating this for a while you are able to produce good work. It 's the same for our fury little friends as well.

Changing to a better quality food will help with all these problems. I am the proud owner of a Saint Bernard. I adopted him after a semi truck had struck him, and he walked away with minor scratches. After they put some stitches on him his owner decided to dump him at the nearest shelter since he was not considered a "show quality" dog any more.

When we bought him home we kept him on the same food the shelter had him on. He had a few bare spots on his legs and back area from a rash he acquired at the kennel. So I decided to bring him back to the shelter to see what they would recommend for this rash, they gave me a simple ointment to apply so I did for two weeks with no avail, he even started having loose bowel movement, so I decided to bring him to the vet.

The vet came out and told me that he was not getting enough protein in his diet, so I upgraded to the next expensive brand thinking about a 180 lbs dog would leave me homeless but his rashes got better and a couple of them even went away. But I did not see the best results until I decided to buy him the highest quality food that his demeanor became calmer his itchy ear became under control and his bare spots became fully healed.

Now he has a full shiny and healthy coat and has even gained 50 lbs. I have always believed in that you reap what you sew. Pets need to be on a diet that is even better than ours. Always keep in mind that you buy your pet cheap food you are not only being neglectful but uncaring as well.

This article was published on Wednesday 03 December, 2008.

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