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Crate Training A Puppy
by Pet Topics

Way too often many new pup owners will often fail to realize how very important of having a roomy crate for your puppy. This crate for your dog is a very essential resource when it comes to dog training and has many essential uses. Typically puppies are rather very tiny and have no clue on what to do with large spaces. Keeping the small puppies in a dog crate is a great way to calm him or her down. Also since puppies don’t like to go potty where they sleep, the dog crate will be an awesome tool for potty training your puppy.

When your new little puppy gets over excited for any reason, placing him or her in the crate will help the puppy calm their nerves down. If you really need to leave your new puppy alone for a few hours, the puppy can easily get into trouble and have accidents on the floor. All of this lead to over excitement in the puppy as well as stress which can be remedied through the act of placing the puppy in the crate while you are gone.

Remembering that puppies are easily distracted by other events around him, feeding the puppy can be a difficult task as well as a messy one. By placing the puppy in the crate for feeding time, you will be able to minimize the messes as well as the distractions so that your puppy can focus on eating all of his meal.

1) It is very important that the crate you get for the puppy is the right size. If the crate is too small, the puppy will feel cramped but then again if the crate is too large, then house breaking the puppy using a crate will not work. In a large crate, a puppy will use to potty on one side of the crate and sleep on the other which is the exact opposite of what you want him to do which is not potty anywhere in the house.

2) In the event that you have chosen a puppy that will grow in size rather quickly, you may purchase a larger crate but only if it comes with a divider to make the crate the appropriate size for the puppy. This divider can be moved so that the crate will grow as the puppy grows.

3) Keep in mind that even if you purchase the appropriate sized crate for your puppy, if you choose too thick of a bed, the puppy will still potty in the crate as the bedding will absorb the urine. A simple newspaper bedding is all that a puppy really needs. Once you have properly house broken the puppy then you can get him or her a large dog beds.

This article was published on Monday 29 September, 2008.

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