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Bungee Pupee 3-Ply Leash Up to 65lbs

Bungee Pupee 3-Ply Leash Up to 65lbs

Bungee Style Leash for dogs up to 65 lbs

Triple or 3-Ply Leash stretches and is great for your Medium to Large Dogs, such as Collies, Standard Poodles, Springer Spaniels, etc. The resistance in the leash deters your dog from pulling by extending in a fashion from 3ft to 5ft constantly correcting your dog from pulling. Even if your dog doesn't play tug-a-war, it still looks terrific and functions perfectly.

These high-quality leashes are made from bungee cord so they "give" when your dog pulls ahead of you or lunges suddenly. The shock is absorbed by the bungee so no more whiplash for either of you! Plus, the tension on the bungee brings the dog back to your side with just a gentle pull - as the bungee is doing all the work for you.

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