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Benefits Of Dog Agility Training
by Pet Article

Aside from entertainment purposes, dog agility training makes your dog vigorous and alert. This fun-filled activity even sharpens his mind and teaches him to make his own strategy on how to finish the course efficiently.

Agility training will also allow your dogs to perform obstacles. With this kind of training, dogs can improve coordination through the basic training exercises used to teach jumping and ramp work.

More importantly, you and your dog will build a better bond. This training teamwork nurtures a good communication between the pet owner and the dog which improves their working relationship.

In line with that, there are different kinds of dog agility equipment such as dog training crates and dog exercise pens that will complete your dog's obstacle training course. Every piece of equipment provides excellent improvement to your dog's whole being and attitude.

Below is a list of benefits that you and your dog can get from agility training.

Benefits to Dogs:
º Keep your dog healthy.
º Allow your dog to perform his needed exercise.
º Establishes trust and confidence to you as their friend and owner
º Learning to follow basic obedience and instructions
º Develop flexibility
º Sharpens your dog's mind
º Increases your dog's endurance and confidence
º Develops your dog's speed and accuracy
º Improves his communication skills
º Allows your dog to form his own strategies

Benefits to Pet Owners:
º Keep you in shape, healthy and alert
º Develop flexibility
º Helps to lose unwanted fats and gain muscle
º Increase your perseverance

Indeed, agility training gives your dog a great and exciting bonding time with you and other members of the family. Including it in your daily or weekly activities will surely strengthen your relationship with your dogs.

This article was published on Monday 08 February, 2010.

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